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‪How to take the perfect time photo‬

‪Timelapse videos• Different lighting effects• Are you a hobbyist?‬

‪You can find the complete list of professional photographers in our “Gallery” with each photographer’s attributes, skills and portfolio-named books.

‪Some books can be sold on our website if you are not yet ready to buy them.‬

‪You can search for them by their company name or even get them on the website directly by requesting a consultation.*

Though it’s live, the site will stay in beta mode as this is where we will promote our site and services to our active clients and photographers. We appreciate your patience.

⁃ Note: is an independent link service where you can purchase weshortlisted books that are available in stores around the world & we help you to find the right one. We do not answer any of the questions submitted to us, nor is there a guarantee you will find what you need.

Please submit your queries via e-mail before posting abonus comments in this forum.

Please keep questions short.

The menu is designed to get you to drop a question and then pick the one you’d like to be answered quickly. The forums are designed to appear as a list of people providing tips and advice or asking questions of other people.

If you have something more complex you’d like answered, feel free to ask in the discussion thread when posting or go to the “Top” links and ask yourself firstly. You may find, for example, that there’s a new thread which has been started making any similar questions to yours already answered. This will help you to reduce the amount of questions you have.

Note that Q&A’s are for informative purposes only and there will be no personal responses as courtesy.

Please do not ask for money with discounted ebooks.

If buying with an Amazon card, their terms and conditions are:

“Your T&C’s are simple and we’d appreciate it if you would read them. We add ‘May only be used by’ when referring to your purchase on the Amazon site 🙂 [customer isn’t responsible for the payment provider’s policies]

Contraband & Merchandise

Our books may only be used in accordance to the Amazon Services Agreement / terms of service. We do not collect additional shipping via Amazon in connection to a purchase including ebooks. You must provide Amazon with Shipment Confirmation after making your purchase from us. Please return the book(s) via the shipping method you chose for that item (USPS priority mail, FedEx first class, etc.) or check shipping from Amazon to avoid disputes. On the other hand, if you purchased an ebook through Amazon using our Q0 qualMailed at spam link and it was not auto-delivered for shipping to your residence, you won’t be responsible for that item if you purchased from us again.”

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